Many shoes page with endless shoes to choose from.
Matthias Wandel: the genius inventor in wood who lives in Canada!
Fukushima, the subprime collapse, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the credit crunch are all so predictable and yet humanity seems to think they are unexpected events.
Fukushima, the subprime collapse, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the credit crunch are all so predictable and yet humanity seems to think they are unexpected events.
Odd Adverts that don't yet belong to another category.
How to make money from thin air!
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State Murder in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt on Thursday 3 February 2011.
Tobacco may be good for your health! A Norovirus vaccine is within reach from genetically engineered tobacco plants.
ODD is rather odd as it defines opposition to authority as a mental illness.
Complete list of One Piece manga book series by Eiichiro Oda in English including volume, title, saga and arc references.
Ostracising a person leads to psychological withdrawal and then possibly violence.
Pat Condell is an atheist comedian with attitude!
Patterns are like gravity. They are everywhere all of the time and part of our experience of reality.
Lincolnshire Police have acquired a new vehicle in the fight against crime: A TRACTOR!
The Pope understands equality in terms of what is fair to him whether or not it is fair to anyone else.
Pornography is an aberrant emergent behaviour of an oppressive culture.
Poverty is an injustice which is neither necessary nor desirable.
Priligy is a short acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor developed specifically to cure premature ejaculation in men between the ages of 18 and 64.
Crusader Vladimir objects to others usurping him!
We live in a pyramid economy and like pyramid marketing it is an illusion and destined to failure.
Quotes embody so much more than just the words. Quotes capture ideas and are worth remembering.
Gerry Rafferty and Captain Beefheart both died around Christmas 2010. It is a great loss to the music world and may their influence live on for a very long time.
Release Bradley Manning and do something about addressing the real crime of institutional violence and oppression by America and its allies.
Tesco sell rice for 1p per kilogram. They didn't mean to but they had to all the same.
Best price rice in the UK from TESCO. Only 0.1p per kilogram.
Zyra's web site is a massive collection of conceptually linked, freely associated ideas and facts where it is easy to spend hours roaming around making serendipitous connections by clicking links.
A list of serendipitous links produced by random browsing of the internet.
Sex and sexuality are natural benign and beautiful aspects of being human.
Sexy Stuff is a list of lots of places you can get sexy stuff on the internet.
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Smarties, pencils and a child experiment to illustrate childrens' development to understanding that other people have separate world views.
Something interesting! (about an 8 by 8 grid)
Tree caught in a speed trap in Lincolnshire.
Here is a simplified explanation of how SSRI's work.
What does STRICTLY PPR mean?
A surrealist passage written using keywords from this website.
Swine Flu outbreak in the UK information and contacts.
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Ten Billion Cows produce a lot of CO2 and methane.
Tesco and a little bit of black magic can work wonders!
The 5 k's of the Sikh religion are another set or ritualistic practices which although reasonable on one level are restrictive, controlling and oppressive on another.
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.
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Ties Ties Ties
Timeless Studios offer singing, instrument & composing tuition and many other services around Oxfordshire.
Oliviero Toscani: United Colors of Benetton and Looking Death in the Face.
Toxic Drums images which have either been used on the site or are interesting images developed around the theme of toxic drums.
Toxic Drums found at Jazz concert!
Toxic Waste Candy turns out to be toxic after all. Their Nuclear Sludge bars have higher than allowed levels of lead in them.
Trafigura's controversial activities include the 2001 Essex Oil-for-Food scandal, the Probo Koala incident where toxic waste was dumped in Abidjan and the Vest Tank explosion in Norway. T-Shirt & Mug.
Turtles all the way down.
Typoglycemia definition and free software download.
Uncle Adolf Syndrome (UAS): A mental health problem of pandemic proportions.
UK 2009 budget tax increase from 40% to 50% is an illusion!
There is much unhappiness and despair nowadays and it does make sense and we can do something about it.
How to view the HTML produced by JavaScript document.write command.
Five letters to Officials About Bedroom Tax Row (Mark Simmonds MP, David Cameron MP, Ban Ki-moon, Raquel Rolnik and Grant Shapps).
Death and Destruction at the hands of the DWP and Atos.
A letter to Ban Ki-moon apologising for the shocking behaviour of Grant Shapps as a result of the Special Rapporteur's press release.
A letter to Prime Minister to criticise the prejudicial remarks made by Grant Shapps about Raquel Rolnik after her press release suggested the Bedroom Tax is a breach of international human rights.
Letter to Grant Shapps complaining about his prejudicial remarks and bullying tactics as a response to the UN report by Raquel Rolnik.
A letter to Mark Simmonds MP complaining about the disgraceful remarks by Grant Shapps regarding the report on the Bedroom Tax.
A letter to Raquel Rolnik about the disgusting comments by Grant Shapps and encouraging her to keep up the good work.
Well done Egyptians!
Fractals are fractional shapes. They are geometric shapes which are produced by recursive iteration and feedback.
What God Wants God Gets apparently and it seems pretty gruesome sometimes.
A personal view of juicing wheatgrass and drinking the wheetgrass juice with all its vitamins and minerals.
WikiRebels: The Documentary. A.K.A. WikiLeaks: The Movie. An insight into Julian Assange and the history of WikiLeaks.
What is XTR-TB? Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.
ZYRA: An eccentric eclectic encyclopaedic collection of paraphernalia.
ZYRA MOTEL is an imaginary place full of mysterious wonders and mind warping realities with a rotating sign in green and purple floating in the middle of cyberspace.