Review: Philip Pullman: The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.
Review: Lloyd Kemp: What On Earth Are We Doing? And Other Poems.
Review: Truddi Chase: When Rabbit Howls.
Review: James Plunkett: Strumpet City.
Review: John Rose: The Myths of Zionism.
Browsotron and the science of browsotronology are discussed in detail with specific reference to national and global security.
Oppression cascades like pollution and concentrates in the most vulnerable.
Cats and Dogs
Cheer me up! A page of cheerful ideas for fun and happiness.
List of five letters to relevant MPs to see if that convinces the Children Services that they really should treat Dave with respect.
The Children Services arrive at the hospital to interview Dave and Helen.
Children Services send a fake confidential Core Assessment Report to the wrong person.
Principle Practitioner sends offensive, arrogant and strangely patronising letter to Dave.
Weird letter from the complaints department after the Ombudsman nudges the Children Services.
Letter of complaint to the hospital regarding the appaling attitude and behaviour of the staff and nurses.
The Core Assessment in the Children Services Abuse section. This document was delivered late and is full of rubbish and the omissions are glaring.
Letter of complaint to the Children Services outlining the prejudice, lies and abuse from the Children Services.
An Initial Assessment Report produced by Dave Scott in response to Marion's complaints to various people in high places.
Dave's reply to the curt response from the Children Services.
Dave's letter of 7 February 2011 expressing concern at the deathly silence from the Children Services.
Serious 20 page complaint describing in detail many of the problems encountered with the Children Services.
Letter dated 22 October 2010 which Dave wrote to Obelix as requested outlining his concerns with the Initial Assessment.
Dave's letter of complaint to the manager of the Children Services dated 25 October 2010.
Letter from Dave in response to the stunningly offensive and disturbing reply from Children Services.
The innocent looking note delivered on 7 October with an explanation of how it was part of the web of deception being woven by the social worker.
The door bell is clearly visible on Dave's front door. The claim that it was impossible to find is patently ridiculous.
The Children Services complaints department respond in the statutory time.
The Complaints Manager, George Trevithick, replies to Dave's letter of 2 October 2011 requesting a Stage 2 Investigation.
The Complaints Manager, George Trevithick, replies to Dave's email.
An email from the Department for Education (DfE)
Eventual reply to the letter to the Prime Minister dated 21 July 2011.
Dave phones the Director of Children's Services and asks his secretary for a copy of the letter of 4 October 2011. She emails him this copy and says she will post a hard copy.
Adrian replies to Dave's apology and provides more information.
Mark Hughes responds promptly to Dave's email thanking him for the meeting.
A draft copy of the Children Services complaint emailed by Mark Hughes to Dave.
The complaints officer emailed Dave in response to Dave's letter to the Director of Children's Services.
More questions from the Local Government Ombudsman's Customer Service Advisor.
The Local Government Ombudsman writes to the Children Services requesting information on the complaint.
Email from the Ombudsman acknowledging receipt of the documents.
Email from Dave Hook to George Trevithick thanking him and reminding him that there is the complaint against Mark Hughes to be dealt with.
Dave apologises to the Complaints Manager, George Trevithick, for his strong language.
Dave emails the Head of Teenage Services with an apology and a request for information.
Dave emails the Complaints Officer in charge of the Stage 2 Investigation into the Children Services.
Dave replies in acknowledgement of the email from the Children Services complaints officer.
Dave meticulously corrected the draft complaint and returned it to the complaints department for approval.
This is the second email sent to the complaints officer because the first one did not have the complaint document attached.
Dave sent the complaint to the Children Services and emailed a copy to the complaints officer.
The Stage 2 Report was due the next day and so Dave emailed the complaints officer to give him a gentle reminder.
A frustrated response to the Customer Service Adviser for the Local Government Ombudsman.
Dave thanks the Local Government Ombudsman for writing to the Council.
Dave thanks the Ombudsman for her email and notifies her of his five letters to Members of Parliament.
An explanation of the family history and circumstances leading up to the abusive assault by Children Services.
First response to the Children Services Initial Assessment Report.
The first reply to the Initial Assessment delivered by Children Services.
Complaint to the GSCC regarding the behaviour of three social workers and their employer.
Dave receives a reply to his enquiry from the GSCC. It is not entirely convincing.
A letter arrives from the GSCC saying they will make further enquires and yet again will contact Dave in due course.
After further consideration the GSCC write to Dave saying that they are closing the case.
Dave has not heard from the GSCC in over two months and so decides to write asking what is going on.
Dave writes to the new Investigating Officer at the GSCC expressing his consternation at the delay.
The NHS Trust responds to the complaint and addresses all the issues. Some matters needed more attention but it was a good first response.
The NHS Trust are quick to reply in acknowledgement of Dave's letter of 7 November 2011.
Dave replies to the NHS thanking them for the good bits and raising some of the bad bits.
A collection of pages and documents about an abusive assault on a parent and child by the Children Services in the UK.
The Initial Assessment which caused serious distress because of the judgemental insinuating and unfriendly nature of the content.
Introduction to the case of Dave and Helen who suffered at the hands of abusive behaviour from the Children Services.
Dave receives a reply from the Director of Children's Services in response to his letter of 9 January regarding the lateness of the report.
Dave got a reply from the Home Office which was vaguely interesting.
A second letter from the local MP keeping Dave informed of progress.
A third letter from the local MP arrives keeping Dave informed of progress.
The local MP replies to Dave enclosing several documents as the obfuscation escalates.
Reply from Simon Marcombe, the local MP for Biston and Bogey, expressing sympathy and requesting an investigation by the Children Services Directorate.
The local MP Simon Marcombe writes to Dave acknowledging his letter of the 2 October.
A letter from the local MP focuses on a minor part of the issue in order to obfuscate the real problem.
The local MP forwards the latest communication from the Director of Children's Services.
Letter from the Director of Children's Services to the local MP regarding the Children Services Abuse issue.
The Local Government Ombudsman is just making things up as he goes! It is all flak and fob off!
Dave receives a reply from the Direct Communications Unit of the Prime Minister.
Dave reveals a sinister and terrifying reality behind the illusory facade of the Children Services.
Dave writes to the Director of Children's Services explaining that the complaints procedure is being wantonly ignored and requests that he do something about it.
Dave writes to the Director of Children's Services playing the old boy network device of addressing him by his first name and thanks him for his help so far.
Dave replies to the Director of Children's Services, thanking him and pointing out one or two relevant facts.
Letter to Graham Stuart MP outlining the unprofessional behaviour of the Children Services.
Letter to the Home Secretary the Rt Hon Theresa May MP regarding the Children Services inept behaviour.
Dave writes to the Head of Teenage Services at the Children Services and thanks him for his response but makes it clear that he is being irresponsible and his response is not acceptable.
Letter to John Hemming MP regarding the desperately bad behaviour of the Children Services appalling behaviour.
Dave wrote to Simon Marcombe, the local MP, to let him know that the Stage 1 complaint had foundered on the rocks of incompetence.
Dave writes to the local MP to reveal the misinformation being perpetrated by the Director of Children's Services.
Dave writes to the local MP thanking him for his help in getting his complaint to the Children Services addressed.
Letter to local MP outlining the problems with the Children Services.
Dave writes a letter in response to Mark Hughes email to him responding to a letter Dave wrote to the Director of Children's Services.
The Ombudsman does not seem to grasp the problem.
Copies of all the correspondence between Dave and the Children Services were sent to the Ombudsman.
Dave replies to the Ombudsman complaining about the irrationality of his words and asks some pertinent questions like "Does it matter if the council breaks the law?"
Dave's letter to the Local Government Ombudsman outlining the unbelievable behaviour of the Children Services.
Letter to David Cameron regarding the Children Services appalling behaviour.
The meeting with the complaints officer was reasonable and productive.
Phone call from the Complaints Officer 27/07/2011
The Post Office web site clearly shows the proof of delivery of the 64 page Complaint to the Children Services.
This is the proof of delivery from the Post Office that Dave's response to the Stage 2 Independent Investigation has been received by the Children Services complaint department.