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Children Services Abuse:
Letter from the local MP 27/09/2011
4 November 2011
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Having written to the Children Services requesting a full investigation into this matter (instigated by Dave's original letter to Simon Marcombe) the local MP got a response from them indicating their intent to look into it.  The local MP kept Dave informed by sending a copy of their reply to him.  This is the covering letter from the MP and the enclosed copy of the Children's Services' letter to him (and another posh pale yellow envelope from the House of Commons).

envelope from the House of Commons

local MP crest
Member of Parliament for Biston and Bogey

Mr D Hook
80 Haslet Road
Sumshire AZ1 1ZA

27 September 2011

Dear Mr Hook

Further to our previous correspondence, please find enclosed a response from the Director for Children's Services at Sumshire County Council.

I note from the attached correspondence that a full reply will be sent to you within the next 10 days and I will receive a copy.

Once this has been received, I will revert to you in due course.

Yours sincerely

local MP signature
Simon Marcombe MP
Biston and Bogey



Ronald Taylor, Director of Children's Services
County Offices, Oldacre, Chainton, AZ1 1ZA
Tel: 01234 567890 Fax 01234567890

Simon Marcombe MP
House of Commons

My Ref:     DCS/RT/AG/AT

16 September 2011

Dear Simon

Mr Dave Hook, 80, Haslet Road, Biston, Sumshire, AZ1 1ZA

Thank you for your enquiry as to the activity being undertaken in respect of Mr Hook's concerns.

We are fully aware of and currently seeking to respond to the concerns being raised by Mr Hook.

To this end a meeting was held on the 24t August between Mr Hook, Adrian Greenhead (Head of Service), and George Trevithick (Complaints Manager) in order to fully understand the areas of complaint that Mr Hook wished to have response to and what additional support may be available to Mr Hook in relation to his and his daughter's current personal circumstances.

This meeting identified the following areas upon which agreement was made for Children's Services to respond:

  • The length of time to respond to complaints has been out of timescales;
  • That assessments (initial and core), were submitted out of timescales;
  • That the content of the assessments was written in a prejudicial fashion;
  • That Mr Hook was not effectively involved during the process of assessment;
  • That the overall impact of the above concerns has been negative.

County Offices, Oldacre, Chainton, AZ1 1ZA

It was also agreed that we would continue to keep Mr Hook appraised of progress and supply details of additional support agencies that he could contact as he deemed appropriate.

Whilst these investigations are still ongoing, we do anticipate being in a position to respond to Mr Hook within the next 10 days, and would be happy to copy you into any response we send to him.

I hope this responds to the concerns of your constituent, but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely
Ronald Taylor

Ronald Taylor
Director of Children's Services

c.c. Adrian Greenhead, George Trevithick, Tyra Edmunds

County Offices, Oldacre, Chainton, AZ1 1ZA

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