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Children Services Abuse:
Children Services letter 30/06/2011
14 July 2011
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Petra Brookson from the complaints department finally got around to responding to the complaint dated 18 April 2011.  It does appear that they would not have bothered had the Ombudsman not contacted them.  One really wonders what these people think they are doing.  But it is such a weird letter.  Maybe I am being too pedantic but it seems to me that the letter indicates very woolly thinking.  Petra attempts to be specific by purposefully writing 14:30 pm.  There is no 14:30 pm.  I guess if there were it might be 2:30 am.  But given that one can guess the likely meaning it is strange that she explains at length exactly what happened such that Obelix arrived 10 minutes late for a 14:30 pm meeting and then waited for some time before leaving at 14:30 pm (again?).  We mere mortals gaze on in awe and wonder at the talents of these Children Service folk.  Dave's response was possibly a little disproportionate.


Our ref: PB/MP

30 June 2011

Mr D Hook
80 Haslet Road

Petra Brookson
Team Manager
Biston FAST Team
Children's Services Directorate
County Hall
Tel: (01234) 567890
Fax: (01234) 567890

Dear Mr Hook

I write in response to your complaint dated 18th April 2011, which was received in this office on 27th April 2011.

I can confirm that I have read Helen's case file and that I have knowledge of the case having previously supervised Dave Scott, the social worker allocated to Helen in 2009.

I have also read Damon Markham's response dated 22 February 2011, to your original complaint.

In response to your comments about the Core Assessment being "Hastily concocted document", and "Clearly falsified", and your concerns that the "Start date is stated as the 15th September 2010 which is conveniently seven working days after the Initial Assessment start date", I would make the following comments:

The computer system upon which Children's Services records, and specifically Initial and Core Assessments are held, has a facility whereby once assessments have been authorised by a social workers supervisor, they are effectively 'locked' and cannot be amended.

Helen's Initial Assessment has a start date of the 06.09.2010, and an end date of 15.09.2010, and was authorised on 16.09.2010.

The recorded outcome of the Initial Assessment is that a Core Assessment is instigated.

The Core Assessment, start date is the 15.09.2010 and the end date is the 02.11.2010, with the assessment being authorised on the 03.11.2010.  The computer records confirm that Obelix Mahjong completed the Core Assessment.

The statutory guidance that Children's Services follow stipulates that an Initial Assessment has to be completed in 7 working days, the evidence above indicates that this has been adhered to, and it is for this reason that the Core Assessment starts 7 working days after the Initial Assessment.

It is therefore unclear to me why you have the impression that the assessment was not completed in the mandatory time.  The assessment was shared with yourselves on the 23rd September 2010.

I trust that the above comments confirm to you that the Core Assessment is not as you suggest a 'fake with no legitimacy.'

In respect of the 'Child and Family Members interviewed";  I can confirm that this section should have included the fact that Obelix had significant discussions with yourself on the 23.09.2010 and the 12.10.2010.

Obelix's remark in respect of "Some reluctance and missed appointments", reflects that on occasions you contacted (07.10.2010) to cancel a planned appointment because your father was at home.  This visit was then rearranged at your request at 14:30 pm, however due to police having a road block in place following a serious crime in the locality, Obelix was ten minutes late and despite remaining at your property until 14:30 pm, neither she nor her colleague were able to gain your attention.  An appointment booked for the 05.10.10 for Obelix to conduct a one to one session with Helen was cancelled by yourself as you reported that she would not go anywhere with Obelix.

It is accepted that Obelix was forced to cancel a prearranged appointment for the 30.09.2010 due to her having a health appointment. Case file recording indicates that you were advised of this on the 28.09.2010.

In respect of your comments about the prejudicial nature of the Core Assessment, I can confirm that I have re-read the documents several times.  I note that there are a number of occasions throughout the document when Obelix has included the comments that both Helen and yourself have made.

It is clear to me that you have both contributed to the assessment, and Obelix has used her interviews with you, as well as discussions with other professionals and reference to previous case records to contribute to the assessment.

The analysis of the assessment indicates that Helen would benefit from services but that she chose to decline them.

Yours sincerely

Petra Brookson
Team Manager
Biston FAST Team

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