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veryPC was awarded the title of Environmental Innovator in the PC Pro Awards of 2007.  Competing against some other very big name manufacturers their work developing the most energy efficient and high quality machines was recognised by PC Pro.  veryPC is an international and multi-award winning green IT firm established in the UK in 2004.

Based in Sheffield they applied for, and were awarded, the "Made in Sheffield" mark (a protected name) for their products.  veryPc has grown to become one of the UK's leading IT manufacturers.  They go to great length to carefully select components which are seriously energy efficient and recyclable where possible to build computers that maximise on the required functionality whilst not wasting resources on unwanted features.  This produces well tuned and ethical machines fit for the job.

Their computers range from home computers where users want serious graphics and sound capabilities to business workhorses requiring fast processing and sizeable memory.  This way their products cost less than the equivalent all purpose "Jack of all trades" that you might buy from other larger manufacturers.  They also consume so little energy that they are all but silent without that annoying fan noise simulating tinnitus as you work.  Some of their machines use as little as a 60 watt light bulb!

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UK Flag    They are UK based and sell withinn the UK.

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